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Asbestos: a hazard to people and the environment

Rarely does a week go by without a newspaper condemning people for fly-tipping, dumping or illegally disposing of waste. And, very often, those stories contain a word that causes the reader’s grip to tighten in exasperation – that word is ‘asbestos’. Newspapers across the country are regularly reporting that asbestos has been dumped, causing potential danger to not only the local environment, but to animals and people.

Last year asbestos was found in a huge rubbish fire in Staffordshire; so dangerous were the fumes created courtesy of the fire that local residents were advised to keep doors and windows closed, so as to mitigate the risk of fumes entering their homes. Asbestos is an extremely hazardous material, and should only ever be dealt with by trained professionals. Breathing in the particles found within asbestos can be seriously detrimental to your health, so ensure that you contact an expert, rather than attempt any removal personally. At PA Group we can undertake any task related to asbestos removal and disposal, no matter how complicated. We are HSE licensed and UKAS accredited, and have years of experience working in complex and potentially hazardous environments. To find out more about the services we offer, or to book a consultation, please feel free to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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