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PA Group awarded SEC Asbestos Removal Framework

PA Group UK are pleased to announce that following a competitive tender process, we have been successfully awarded the South East Consortium’s Asbestos Removal Framework for a further 4 years.

We have been an appointed contractor for the SEC’s Asbestos Removal Framework for 4 years to date, and are proud to be awarded for another contract term.

Should you require any form of Asbestos Removal, you can access our services through the SEC Framework Their procurement activity is based on framework agreements and long-term contracts, depending upon the members’ needs. All tenders comply with EU regulations.

The SEC ensures:

“Value for money is delivered by collaboratively tendering new contracts for our members. We actively encourage innovation and new ways of working with our contractors with the mutual aim of improving efficiencies.”

To access practical and cost effective contract options for your Asbestos Removal solutions, please contact the South East Consortium’s Framework Management Team and find out how becoming a member could benefit your organisation at or contact us directly on 0845 474 0172 or

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